FlexTrade EMEA Resource Centre

April 18, 2023 | By: Iain Smith

FlexTRADER EMS Product Sheet

A multi-asset Execution Management solution for asset managers, hedge funds and asset owners covering Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Futures and Options.

FlexONE OEMS Product Sheet

A seamlessly integrated multi-asset, multi-strategy Order and Execution Management system for Hedge Funds and Asset Managers.

TCA and Algowheel Whitepaper

This paper explores how firms can leverage FlexTrade’s AlgoWheel and TCA & Analytics tools to enhance institutional trading performance.

FlexOMS Product Sheet

A full-service sell-side Order Management solution covering the complete order management lifecycle from order receipt to trading and middle office in an integrated modular-based platform.

Best Sell-Side Implementation

FlexTrade’s FlexOMS picks up “Best Implementation at a Sell-Side Firm” for the recent project with JonesTrading

Why FlexOMS Product Sheet

What makes FlexOMS a credible alternative in the market today for those struggling with their current OMS solution and vendor relationship?

BTON Trader Co-Pilot Product Sheet

BTON, a plug-in within FlexTRADER EMS, seamlessly integrates into your workflow without any disruptions. There’s no need for extensive setup or training – plug in and start optimising your trading performance immediately.

BMLL Level 3 Data Product Sheet

The BMLL Level 3 data integration arms clients with the granular liquidity insight they need to understand how markets truly behave to make enhanced, informed trading decisions at the point of trade and execution.

FlexOMS Overview Product Sheet

As a full-service Sell-Side Order Management system, what are the key functional areas the solution covers to provide complete control of the trading cycle?

FlexFX Product Sheet

FlexFX offers advanced FX execution capabilities, deep liquidity, trade analytics as well as fully integrated post-trade allocation solutions, making your workflows as efficient as possible.

FlexFI Product Sheet

FlexTrade’s Fixed Income EMS, FlexFI, delivers automated and enhanced workflows, an aggregated view of the market and offers direct connectivity to the sell-side to enhance liquidity seeking.

ML Market Impact

FlexTrade’s innovative market impact analytics deliver the unique and actionable insights trading teams need to help improve decision-making in a constantly changing competitive market environment.