FlexTrade Partners with Axioma to Integrate its Portfolio Optimizer

October 4, 2023 | By:

FlexTrade Partners with Axioma to Integrate its Portfolio Optimizer

As the role of the trading desk expands to include risk management and portfolio optimization, risk tools and analytics are becoming more critical components for traders than ever before. With this trend, we are excited to partner with Axioma to integrate their multi-asset risk models and the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer into FlexONE, FlexTrade’s order and execution management system. 

With this partnership, FlexONE clients can automatically rebalance portfolios based on predefined criteria such as risk tolerance, investment constraints, and pre-defined asset allocation rules. Combined with Axioma’s risk factor models and analytics, the Optimizer brings automation and efficiency to portfolio management and asset allocation.  

Wherever FlexONE and Axioma clients sit – whether that’s trading, operations or risk – buyside users will benefit from a smarter, more efficient workflow across their organizations.    

Jose Cortez, VP of Buy-Side Sales at FlexTrade said: “FlexONE’s real-time engines and native portfolio construction capabilities are further complemented with the integration of the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer and their innovative suite of multi-asset risk factor models. With this partnership, clients can access Axioma risk analytics and portfolio optimization directly within the FlexONE user interface, providing portfolio managers and traders the ultimate workflow for incorporating risk management insights at time of order generation.”   

Leon Serfaty, CFA, Principal, Product Specialist at Axioma said: “The flexibility of our risk and optimization tools combined with the end-to-end capabilities of FlexTrade, is a powerful proposition for trading desks who are looking to generate alpha. And, the ability to define – and automatically integrate – all the compliance limits, will be a game changer for trading operations.”