FlexTrade Links with BTON FINANCIAL for AI-Powered Trading Automation

December 5, 2023 | By: Iain Smith

FlexTrade clients can leverage cutting-edge technology for advanced decision-making.

London, UK, December 5th, 2023 – FlexTrade Systems (@FlexTrade), a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, and BTON Financial,  a leading provider of data collaboration and order routing decision technology, has today announced a new integration to deliver users of FlexTRADER EMS with seamless access to AI-driven broker selection suggestions to assist with improving best execution performance.

BTON Financial is a cloud-based, AI, and data-driven SaaS solution designed to empower buy-side trading desks to drive down costs while increasing performance. BTON helps buy-side firms execute trading strategies effectively, automating order routing to the most appropriate broker using the most appropriate algo. It frees traders to commit additional time to work on more illiquid and esoteric instruments, requiring more maintenance and liaising with their portfolio managers.

The new initiative between BTON Financial and FlexTrade Systems signifies a significant move forward in execution algo selection. Mutual customers will now have access to BTON’s state-of-the-art recommendation algorithm from within FlexTRADER, leveraging a collective data set that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance trading decisions. Using the solution via FlexTRADER EMS, traders can select orders in their blotter and send various parameters, including size, instruments, desired algo, and timeframe, to BTON with a single click, which provides feedback on the optimal broker to achieve best execution. The new integration expands on the existing automation capabilities within FlexTRADER EMS, and FlexAlgoWheel to enable traders to incorporate BTON’s suggestions within their parameter-driven automation rules to simplify low-touch workflow further.

Dan Enstedt, Vice President at FlexTrade Systems, noted:We’re delighted to be working with BTON Financial on this new integration to broaden the sources of pre-trade intelligence our clients can access from FlexTRADER EMS.  BTON’s collaborative pre-trade data sets and AI-driven functionality make an exciting proposition for our clients to leverage and, through tight integration, deliver actionable insights directly within their order blotter. Combined with our sophisticated FlexAlgoWheel solution, they can create innovative automation strategies to deliver a competitive edge.”

Daniel Shepherd, CEO of BTON Financial, stated:Our partnership with FlexTrade Systems represents a synergy of expertise and technology that will redefine broker selection in today’s markets. By combining BTON’s AI-driven execution capabilities with FlexTrade’s cutting-edge technology, we accelerate integration and mitigate risks, providing a cost-efficient solution for a more sophisticated and accountable approach to order execution through the power of AI.”

About FlexTrade Systems

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About BTON Financial:

BTON is an independent financial technology firm that provides trading desk optimisation technology utilising cutting edge technology to improve outcomes for all trading desks. By using large, collaborative datasets BTON powers intelligent decision making for the traders of today and tomorrow