Options Trading Order and Execution Management System

Derivix-AM is a cutting edge order and execution management system for buy-side institutional options traders.
Derivix-AM provides direct access to options exchanges, a wide array of broker and fully customizable algorithms, as well as advanced options trading strategies, such as dispersion, volatility and cross-asset trading. The system also features comprehensive analytics and rich position and options management functionality.

Order & Execution Management

Fully Configurable Front- and Back-End Derivatives Platform

Pricing and Analytics

Proprietary Volatility Time Model and Comprehensive Greeks with Advanced Skew Analysis

Portfolio Management

Scenario Analysis, Grouping and P&L Greek Decomposition

Key Features & Benefits

Execution Management

  • Configurable multi-asset trading front-end
  • In-bound and out-bound FIX gateway interfaces for customer connections, DMA and execution algos
  • Trade directly from the options matrix
  • Integrated smart order routing and sweeping, floor-broker routing
  • Volatility trader – proprietary algo for order submissions based on a specified volatility or volatility of other products
  • Volatility Pairs trading
  • Greek-driven functionality: Gamma scalping; Delta hedging; Vega trading
  • Pre- and Post-Trade Risk Analysis directly on the trade ticket
  • Staging blotter
    • Quickly hedge a partial or full portfolio encompassing multiple trades
    • View bid/ask for all working orders and set triggers for manual or automated execution
  • Street order blotter for management of working and filled orders
    • Configurable bump buttons are available to cancel, replace, and modify orders quickly
  • Customizable trade ticket
    • Ticket defaults include a diverse set of parameters, including broker, algo, size, and account.
  • Easy connection to FlexTrade’s solutions suite as well as external TCA systems

Order Management

  • Fully hosted, out-of-the-box solution to manage all customer order types over their entire life cycle, including:
    • Order tracking
    • Position maintenance
    • Compliance reporting
    • Full support of exchange-based and manual crossing
    • Post trade allocation
  • Customizable view of historic trading activity

Portfolio Management

  • Scenario Analysis
    • Full revaluation of any “what-if” scenario in real-time
    • Shock spot, volatility skew, date/time and other model inputs to assess portfolio impact
    • Graphically analyze and review P&L as well Greeks
  • Grouping (Sector and Sub-Account)
    • View aggregated risk across accounts, traders, desks, sectors, portfolios and other user-defined segments
    • Analyze full portfolio or filter by underlying, expiration, account, etc.
  • P&L Greek Decomposition
    • Start of Day P&L is categorized into Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega, and Rho, and also provides day’s trading P&L
  • Non-trading version available for risk managers overseeing risk across asset classes

Pricing and Analytics

  • Extensive Scenario Analysis
    • Customizable inputs for pricing and analytics. Adjust time, volatility, price, dividends, and interest rates for comprehensive simulation analysis
    • Add simulated trades to view the effect on your risk and portfolio
  • Proprietary Volatility Time Model
    • Customize decay through minute-by minute options valuation. Accounts for nights, weekends, holidays, and user defined events to achieve unparalleled accuracy around expiration and for short-dated options
  • Comprehensive Greeks and Advanced Volatility Skew Analysis
    • Easily handles OTC and Flex options
  • Implied and user-defined volatility management for accurate theoretical valuation

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